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Personal Insight into the Field of Cosmic Thinking

Authentic Experience of the Truly First Musical Thought

Insight into the Basis of Music

In the state of restful alertness the music creator recognizes his self-consciousness as the source and goal of all music. Out of their self-consciousness, all great musical poets unfolded and unfold their immortal music creations – which again, in turn, strive towards the self-consciousness of the listener.

A well-founded musical science, therefore, can only be based on a systematic investigation into our self-consciousness.
Only then will it concentrate on the actual origin and on the true goal of the art of tones – on the actual, creative source of music within the musical creator, and on the high cosmic goal of music within every music lover.


"The spirit is all-embracing. The spirit is the creative energy of the cosmos; only when it is enlightened by the spirit, the human soul is aware of its powers. Therefore, to evolve and to grow, man must first of all learn how to use and develop his own inner powers."


Classical music is able to open the sun-gate to our self- consciousness for us. It reveals to us our self as the true listener of music and raises us to the world of the true music creator.

From the very first moment of listening to classical music we increase the inner-musical performance of our human thinking; for true classical music is, as we realize, a process in which, by means of the resounding musical elements, we systematically fathom our mind and thus advance into the deepest depths of our thinking.

Here, in the field of deepest silence – beyond space and time – we find an infinite diversity of subtle cosmic vibrations which move according to their very own independent laws.
And when we reach the field of the harmony, we witness within us an immeasurable process of creation resounding within itself: we perceive the eternal, original source of music within us.

Now, from our own personal experience, we know the source from which all great classical composers created and create their immortal musical works.

On composing:
"In such moments I feel that I tap the source of that infinite and eternal force from which you and I and all things emerge."

Richard Strauss

Once we have reached this field of our pure life, classical music proves to be the great inspirer to purposefully stimulate with the help of our free will this vibrating, cosmic, sounding prime happening in the depth of our free conscience to resound more and more clearly: so that eventually even our inner sense of hearing can perceive what presently only our intellect, our feeling and our understanding can comprehend.

The process of musical transcending – purposely entering the depth of the musical force-fields – puts the mechanism of true creative composing into action within our consciousness. As we experience the all-comprehensive musical force-field of the harmony, we attain self-knowledge, and in a completely natural and spontaneous manner our self-awareness opens the inner gates of its almighty creative force.

"In l853, I began working on the 'Rheingold.' One day I was just lying in bed when I suddenly felt as if I sank into a flood of water. I thought I was lying at the bottom of the Rhine, and I felt how the whirling waters rushed on above me. This feeling assumed musical shape in the Es-major chord which comes in with the counter chord-Es in the counter bass. I felt the rushing of the Rhine a figuration of that triad which incessantly and with growing motion surges along and remains unchanged for 136 beats.
"I had been in a state of semi-sleep; when I woke up, I realized immediately that this vision was inspired, that my prelude to the 'Rheingold' had assumed shape in my inner awareness. I realized the true essence of my innermost nature; I realized that this vision of rushing water was to be symbolic for my future musical creations; I understood that the stream of my life was to flow forth from myself."

Richard Wagner

By birth, the phenomenon of transcending was known to our great classical composers; hence the field of cosmic thinking was nothing unusual to them.

Nevertheless, this real origin of music is accessible not only to the genius – who already possesses the ability to transcend.
By means of true classical music, and the musical cognitive process that comes with it, the authentic experience of the truly first musical thought is now also available completely systematicaly to the innocent listener, to the music lover, to the musician, and: to the music teacher.








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